First Dance at Malibu Wedding at Villa Del Leon
Villa Del Leon

First Dance at Malibu Wedding at Villa Del Leon

For the first dance at this wedding, the dance floor was lit with some strange natural light which afforded me little opportunity to create the image that I had expected to capture. However, the couple moved quickly across the dance floor and a series of choreographed moves until finally they finished their dance with this active dip. As a wedding photographer, it's very difficult to capture a dip during a dance because there are only certain angles in which the dip would look good through the lens. In that I was lucky at this event. Also, the bride and groom are moving very quickly and I only had a split-second to snapped this photograph. In fact you'll see how closely I was following their movement because the bridegroom are in focus while there is motion blur on all of the guests in the background. That shows that I was panning to follow the couple as they danced. These photographs feature Villa Del Leon, a private estate near Malibu, California (in Pacific Palisades).

Location: 17948 Porto Marina, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272.

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