Ace Puts on Cufflinks at Hadsten House Inn & Spa
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Ace Puts on Cufflinks at Hadsten House Inn & Spa

The rooms were very modest at the hotel.

I simply took advantage of the pretty window light and cleared an area of the room to have room to move and a blank wall.

One thing that differentiates my wedding photography is the idea that I photograph these kinds of moments photojournalistically, as they happen. Although I will certainly position someone in the best location the room — typically in front of a window — I capture all of these photographs in one take and with very little direction.

One thing that you might find surprising is that many folks do not wear cufflinks at events like these, and I find that quite surprising. I know that all of my formal dress shirts are designed for cufflinks and I take a kind of quiet joy in being able to wear them when I happen to be dressing fancy for some kind of event.

One little-known fun fact as well is that I am on a constant search for my next pair of cool cufflinks. I've always thought that I wanted to find the perfect pair, but that day has not yet come.