Bride is Assisted with Wedding Shoes
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Bride is Assisted with Wedding Shoes

A bride's wedding shoes often a focus point for many wedding photographers.

In this case, Linda's bridesmaid helped her get them on her feet. You may notice that the bridesmaid really got into the spirit of the themed wedding as she wore Spock years in honor of Linda's love of Star Trek.

As an aside, wedding shoes worn by a bride should be carefully chosen. I've lost count of the number of weddings where brides selected uncomfortable shoes (that were very pretty), and that impacted their overall enjoyment of the day since their feet hurt almost from the moment that they put on their shoes.

If there is any single piece of advice I can offer, is that a bride should choose comfortable shoes for her wedding day. And you should also remember, that although some shoes may be crazy cool and pretty, most guests will never see the bride's shoes because they will be hidden under her dress.

That being said, I love a nice pair of shoes and so I can understand the desire to have them on a wedding day.