Bridesmaid's + Sibling's Toasts
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Bridesmaid's + Sibling's Toasts

Two bridesmaids deliver their speeches during the reception assisted by the officiant and a close friend of the couple.

According to popular legend, the custom of touching glasses together during the toast came from the idea that clinking glasses together would cause each drink to spill into the glass of the other and thus if the glasses were poisoned that everyone would be poisoned, and therefore the clinking proves that the classes aren't poisoned.

There is very little evidence to support that kind of claim, but that is how I choose to view that tradition. Other legends around the origin of the toast come from the idea that spiced toast was once used to flavor drinks. And yet another idea indicates that a toast comes from the offering of libations as sacrificial liquids to the gods.

The protocol for toasting it weddings is typically first offered by the father the bride. The father the bride is then followed by the best man.