Ceremony Processional with Ace's Father & Mother
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Ceremony Processional with Ace's Father & Mother

This is a photograph of Ace being escorted down the aisle by her parents.

It's typical in composition of what I like to achieve when I'm photographing an event — particularly a wedding processional as you'll notice, my lens is rather wide allowing me to take in not only the primary subjects but also the guests.

As you'll see throughout the wedding ceremony photography, the lighting was extremely challenging with areas of open shade mixed with direct sun. I typically photograph the processional from the opposite side of the aisle, but due to the position of the sun, that would have presented unacceptably bright highlights on the wrong side of my subjects, and so as each person walked down the aisle, I was unfortunately forced to shoot into the sun as you see here.

That requirement along with my lens choice caused some lens flare situations like this to occur. To me, lens flare should only rarely be used but given the state of the sun at that time and the feeling of that particular part of their wedding day, the flare is quite appropriate.