Chewbacca with Bouquet
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Chewbacca with Bouquet

The photograph on the right-hand side of the spread is typical of what I would often do with a group of bridesmaids.

My patented cheek to cheek portrait is often a favorite for many of the brides that I photograph, and this new Star Wars take on that old favorite was no exception. Including Chewbacca, a Stormtrooper, and Captain Rex in this photograph while sandwiching the couple creates a quirky and fun portrait. Just moments later,

Vanessa captured the photograph of Chewbacca holding the bridal bouquet. The cute factor of that additional photograph paired with the hugging group shot creates an interesting secondary story for this Star Wars wedding.

Interestingly, for people wearing costumes like these it's very difficult to see and so I have to carefully move people into place in order to ensure that they all appear natural even though they are wearing bulky costumes made out of hard plastic.