Chewbacca Walks Family Dog During Wedding Processional
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Chewbacca Walks Family Dog During Wedding Processional

For this incredible Star Wars wedding I came up with the idea of having Chewbacca walk the couple's dog down the aisle.

Their little pooch, named Bear, was a real trooper — not to be confused with a Stormtrooper.

As a dog owner myself, I fully understand the concept of pets being an important part of any family and I love it when clients include their dog or cat or pet giraffe in the wedding festivities.

That being said, I was kind of afraid that bear would freak out at the huge Wookie at the other end of his leash. But my fears came to nothing as he processed do

wn the aisle. Interestingly, although the guests had been introduced to Captain Rex, Boba Fett, and Darth Maul before the ceremony, they had no idea about the other Star Wars characters who were also participating. As such, there was an incredible amount of surprise when Chewbacca walked out of that door.

Those feelings were elevated further as the 501st member wearing the costume activated his custom voice control and let out a Wookie yell as he reached the middle of the aisle. There was much cheering involved.