Cocktail Hour with Star Wars Characters
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Cocktail Hour with Star Wars Characters

Here you'll see the wedding guests at the cocktail hour interacting with several Star Wars characters including Captain Rex and Boba Fett.

It was actually somewhat funny to watch their reactions initially when the characters appeared in the cocktail hour area. Many of the guests seemed afraid to approach them initially.

Over the years I've become somewha

t immune to the awe of being around cosplayers, but I can imagine that these folks had never been around costumed Star Wars cosplayers before this event. However, as you can see from these photographs, the guests eventually came around and start reacting to the characters in the way that I hope to see.

There's nothing that says Star Wars wedding like a selfie with Boba Fett. You might find interesting to know that this cocktail hour actually preceded the ceremony even though it follows the wedding ceremony in the album.

Part of being a wedding album designer and photographer is the ability to mold the story of the day according to our own preferences, but without damaging the reality of the situation. In terms of story, I felt that the cocktail hour photographs worked better in my own album after the ceremony. However, these photographs appear before the ceremony in the client version of this album.