Couple Cuts Wedding Cake with Star Wars Light Saber
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Couple Cuts Wedding Cake with Star Wars Light Saber

These two photographs may be two of my favorites in the entire wedding album.

First of all, they were relatively difficult to capture as the only light in this scene is coming from the Ace's custom lightsaber that she had made specifically for this event.

I came up with the idea of them cutting the cake with the lightsaber and then had to execute it in such a way that made it look fun and realistic. Interestingly, this photograph only looks good in black and white due to the blue light emanating from the light saber. Even as a black-and-white photograph, quite a bit of work had to be done adjusting the color luminance in order to achieve the result you see here.

If you're like me, you particularly enjoy the expressions on the faces of the couple in the right hand photograph as they pretend to begin to cut the cake with a Star Wars lightsaber.