Couple' Reactions to Reception Speeches
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Couple' Reactions to Reception Speeches

Emotion and expression can make or break a wedding photograph.

In fact, incredible emotion can often trump technical perfection when it comes to judging the quality of an image created by a wedding photographer.

These two photographs represent the same-sex couple as they listen on and react to the reception speeches made by their favorite friends and family. I include these images and the wedding album as a reminder to my clients of the joy that they felt at that moment during their wedding day.

As a look back on these photographs over the years, it will be easy for them to remember exactly how they felt at that time. And that's one of the reasons why wedding photography is so important. When someone hires me to photograph their event, they can be assured that from the time I arrive until the time I leave I will be capturing a cohesive, coherent story that will help them a their memory over the years as they look back on these photographs.

Wedding photography is one of the only deliverables from a wedding day that is guaranteed to increase in value over time. When you hear of someone fleeing a burning home, you'll often hear the mention that the last thing that they grab before they go out the door are the family photos as those of the one thing that is an irreplaceable possession.