Dance Party at Sunstone Winery Reception
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Dance Party at Sunstone Winery Reception

These dance photographs from a wedding reception at Sunstone Winery show the great time the guests had at Linda and Ace's Star Wars wedding.

In terms of working as a wedding photographer and capturing photos on the dance floor, I've learned that there are elements of both luck and skill involved. I typically work the periphery of the dance floor looking for couples to photograph — particularly those who are energetic and who are having the best time.

I also look for couples to might be dancing close together intimately. In terms of lighting, I use both on camera flash and on camera flash to light the scene and create greater visual interest than might be possible with on camera flash alone. The interesting thing about dancing photos, is that you don't need very many in order to tell the story that your friends came to your wedding and they spent time on the dance floor.

However, the more dances that I photograph, the more likely I am to get more of the guests in the photographs as some people will only dance to certain songs.