First Look: Gay Couple
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First Look: Gay Couple

One of my favorite things to show through my photography is a series of images that tell a story.

As you can see from this example, there is a flip book quality to these images that are atypical and thus helps further the story in a fun and interesting way.

Although I could have used a single photograph to tell the story in this case, I feel that a sequence like the one you see here is more effective. Exceptions to this might be when the sequence of photos that are available are not complementary to the couple or that exhibit technical problems that might preclude the use of a sequence of images.

I've spent several years perfecting the first look photographs by determining the best instructions to provide for the couple as well is the best locations that are most conducive to creating consistently excellent wedding photographs.

In this case, we were photographing the couple near noon and the sun was blazing hot. One of the only shady areas available to us was a small position in front of these double doors. In fact, the shade here only extended about 3 feet in front of the doors, and so we had to be very careful with the couple's position in order to ensure that they remained cool, comfortable, and in the ideal open shade.