Fun Winery Bouquet Toss Catch
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Fun Winery Bouquet Toss Catch

This sequence of five photographs shows the guests vying for the bouquet that was thrown by Linda from the balcony above the group.

For any wedding photographers reading this caption, you might find it interesting that the space was extremely small and yet I stepped in even closer the normal in order to make sure that I was in the middle of the action.

One thing I've discovered about great photojournalism is that the closer you get, the more real it seems in the photograph. That being said, as a wedding photographer, you have to balance propriety against the need to the photograph.

You have to stay on the edge of being near the scene while not being in the scene. There's no way that anyone can truly say that wedding photographers are "true photojournalists," because we are influencing the day merely by our presence and having cameras on a person.

However, for some parts the day, particular the reception, I believe that our influence should be minimal as guests truly unwind from the day.