Quirky Portrait with Brothers
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Quirky Portrait with Brothers

For these photos of Ace and her twin brothers (who happen to be twins), I wanted to create something a little bit different.

But let me be clear. For taking this photograph, before this photo I created a traditional portrait of Ace and her brothers. When I'm photographing a wedding, I always create a safe photograph first before moving on to images that might not be so safe. In this example, for the photograph on the right, I had prompted the bride's brothers to "do something crazy." And this was the result.

One of the things that I constantly think about when I'm photographing moments like these is whether or not the actions performed by my subjects are natural for that subject or are they moments that would never otherwise occur without my presence.

In other words, I never direct someone to do something that is completely outside of their personality unless I'm interested in creating an ironic portrait by showing them in a situation that they would never otherwise be in except when they are in front of a camera.