Reception Details at Sunstone Winery Wedding
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Reception Details at Sunstone Winery Wedding

The reception details for this Sunstone Winery wedding included heavy use of the color red, sliver, and black.

Additionally, succulents were spray-painted black and silver while floral pieces also decorated the reception tables and place settings.

This design was conceived and executed by Nam Lam of Modern LA Weddings and features some incredible stylings in this open space in the middle of the winery.

Receptions are the party that is held after the wedding ceremony and is a form of thanks for those who attended the wedding. Although in the past wedding receptions were more commonly breakfasts, dinners, and balls, today's wedding reception (at least in America) simply follows the wedding ceremony. Interestingly, receptions were most commonly held at the bride's home until after World War II.

Later, dance halls became a common location for receptions as they can hold more people than what was common for most people's homes. I only recently learned that in order for to be a "reception," wedding guests should be greeted by a receiving line.

It's actually quite uncommon for guest receiving lines to be the norm these days at weddings, but it does happen from time to time.