Star Wars Brady Bunch Treatment
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Star Wars Brady Bunch Treatment

This may be one of my favorite spreads in the wedding album simply because of my treatment on the right hand side of the spread.

As an aside, when I mentioned spread in relation to a wedding album, the word spread refers to a combination of the left page and the right page. Imagine if you will that a seem runs down the exact center of this image and that is where the pages would fold within the printed wedding album. In this example, I only included Ace in the photograph because Ace is the true hard-core Star Wars fan.

For the photograph on the right, this was a concept that I had in mind from long before the wedding day and is one that you'll sometimes see variance on in my other wedding albums. When I love most when I was taking this photograph was when my friend and mentor Jerry Ghionis was watching me capture these images and in the middle of working with each Star Wars character, he exclaimed, "You're doing the Brady Bunch!"

It was really gratifying to see him recognize my intent to be by watching me work — probably because I learned most of the foundation of what I know about wedding photography from that very man.