Star Wars Characters Walking
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Star Wars Characters Walking

This album spread shows a transition as we move the happy couple to another portrait location.

We directed the Star Wars characters to walk with the couple as if they were part of the wedding party and interact with them while I asked Linda an ace to talk to each other.

In this example, photographed by Jerry Ghionis, you see a fairly tight view of the scene. When you move forward from this spread and look at the next set of pages, you'll see my own photography featured.

My take on the same scene was a little bit different from Jerry's and interestingly the client preferred my interpretation over Jerry's for their own wedding album.

That being said, I think that I prefer Jerry's interpretation over my own just because the contrast is better in these two photographs and the background treatment is more pleasing. However, as you'll see in the next spread, shooting from a lower angle creating more of a sun flare and that warm sunny look was what appealed to Linda an Ace most.