Star Wars Wedding Décor & Details
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Star Wars Wedding Décor & Details

No Star Wars wedding would be complete without the core to match the theme.

For this wedding, I donated my own Darth Vader helmet, Stormtrooper helmet, huge Tie fighter, and vintage AT-AT so that Linda and Ace would have some amazing decor.

My only disappointment was in the fact that whoever positioned the tie fighter and at at wasn't very familiar with the Star Wars universe as the Tie fighter is backwards in the AT-AT is facing the wrong way (exposing a broken piece of the toy).

These photographs were captured by my second photographer Vanessa, and thus I never even paid attention to the table displaying these items as I was too busy photographing people around the event.

Other details in this wedding album spread include a photograph of Linda and Ace's dog Bear, the shuttle bus used to transport guests to the Sunstone Winery, one of the many appetizers served to guests, the ceremony area, a fleur-de-lis detail from the ceremony area, and a personalized and autographed photograph of Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek fame.

Although this is indeed a Star Wars wedding, Linda is a Star Trek fan more than a Star Wars fan and Ace acquired that picture as a gift for her.