Star Wars Wedding with Stormtrooper Flower Girls
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Star Wars Wedding with Stormtrooper Flower Girls

During the wedding processional, these surprise Stormtroopers came down the aisle throwing flower petals.

Although I've seen other Star Wars weddings where Stormtroopers participated, I've never seen a wedding where they served as flower girls.

The idea of integrating them as flower girls came from the wedding planner, Nam Lam — and what a great idea it was as you can see here. The humor, whimsy, and quirkiness of this small detail added a great deal to the entertainment value of these Star Wars characters.

As you can see from the reactions on the faces of guests nearby, they were a big hit with everyone. The humor was intensified because of the juxtaposition of serious soldiers taking on the role normally held by little girls. In retrospect, I wish I had the foresight to have asked that the florist provide flower garlands for these guys.