Twin Brothers Deliver Toasts to Couple During Reception
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Twin Brothers Deliver Toasts to Couple During Reception

Here we see a great series of two wedding reception speeches being delivered by Ace's brothers — who also happen to be twins.

One of the most difficult parts about photographing a speech is to capture images of the people speaking when they are looking up and when their mouse are not open at a weird angle. To do that, you have to be able to anticipate the moment and know when to press the shutter on your camera — especially when you're photographing subjects in a dark environment when your flashes take a few seconds to recharge between photographs.

One of the interesting things I would like to point out about this photograph is that the brothers are both holding smart phones. they are using those devices to read from as they deliver their speeches. Although that may not seem very unusual today, in ten, twenty, or thirty years from now those kinds of devices will likely be in an entirely different form and thus the age of the devices will help lend context to this image as it is viewed in the future.

One of the things that I always try to do when I'm photographing a wedding is incorporate some elements of current technology into the wedding day photographs and thus help create contextual information beyond the apparel and hairstyles of the couple and their guests.