Vanity Fair Inspired Star Wars Family Portrait
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Vanity Fair Inspired Star Wars Family Portrait

This epic Vanity Fair inspired Star Wars group wedding portrait is certainly one of my favorite spreads in this album and often captures people's imagination.

To put this photograph in context with the rest of the day, as wedding photographers we're almost always working under an extremely tight timeline and thus we have to always find a balance between spending the right amount of time working on a great pose, location, lighting, and all the other things that need to come together in order to create an inspired photograph.

For this image, Jerry Ghionis wanted to spend some time creating an image similar to those that you might see in Vanity Fair magazine — but we had to work under the tight constraints and timeline of a wedding and with folks who aren't professional models.

Jerry began by posing individuals in this grouping and creating individualized connections that work together to create a cohesive whole. And since I knew where he was going with the image, I provided assistance and some minor direction although I became admittedly nervous as it took quite some time but this grouping together.

There are actually several variants of this particular image captured by both me and Jerry, but since this is my studio's album, the photograph you see here was from my camera.