Wedding Ceremony Concludes at Winery Near Solvang
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Wedding Ceremony Concludes at Winery Near Solvang

This series of photographs shows several important moments along with the conclusion of this same-sex couple's Star Wars wedding ceremony.

Ever since I began working as a wedding photographer, I always felt that the most important moment to capture was the kiss at the end of the ceremony. I particularly love how Linda is touching Ace's face as she moves in for the kiss. That simple act of tenderness really seems to connect them both and creates a beautiful ending to this part of their wedding story.

I should also point out that the officiant for the ceremony is not present in the kissing photographs. One of the things that I always like to do is speak to the officiant before the ceremony and ask them to step to the side when the couple kisses. This is one of my tricks that allows me to get a very clean photograph of the couple kissing.

Without asking for that particular move, there are often distractions in the background caused by the officiant which can attract from the focus on the couple having that first kiss.