Winery Floral Details
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Winery Floral Details

This wedding album spread is a great example of how I like to showcase the florist's creations.

As you can see here, the focus is on the bouquets and the boutonnieres while also including details of the couple, the bridesmaids, and the bridesmen.

I find it most interesting that this kind of spread either resonates deeply with my clients or they choose to not included in the album. These photographs are typically created by my additional photographer who is typically Vanessa.

I always think it's funny that my clients rarely understand these kinds of photographs when taken in context of the entire gallery of photos, and yet when they are presented in this manner within album design, my intent immediately becomes apparent. When dealing with wedding flowers and photographing them as part of the wedding day details and decor, although we do photograph them separately, I like this treatment best.