WInery Reception Grand Entrance
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WInery Reception Grand Entrance

Here we see a photo showing great emotion from Linda as Ace and Linda enter their winery reception during the grand entrance.

Here I've elected to present the reception photographs with a black-and-white treatment in order to signify a transition in the story from daylight to night.

Creating an engaging grand entrance photograph can often be challenging for many reasons including distracting backgrounds. That was actually also the case for this photograph because there was white pipe and drape behind the couple in the far background behind the bar and table that you see there now.

However, all things are possible with Photoshop and with about 45 minutes of work on my part I was able to remove those very distracting elements from this image and make it stronger in the process. This particular photograph also serves as a storytelling element as it moves the couple from the portrait part of the day into the reception part of the day and says to the viewer, "here we are."