Best Man Speech: Funny Story
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Best Man Speech: Funny Story

Reception photos tell stories. As your Houston wedding photographer, I'm thrilled when best man speeches evoke strong emotion.

The best man speech story is furthered by showing the three people involved. When I'm photographing a wedding, I always ask that the person giving the speech stands near the bride or groom. There are several benefits when following this recommendation.

First, when a best man, maid of honor, or parent stands nearby, I can frame the scene and include all three (or four) people in one capture. This composition helps tell the story.

Second, when someone is giving a reception speech and they're standing close by, they're likely to touch the person they're speaking to at some point. And when that touch happens, I'm there ready for the photo.

Third, when people are close to one another, people more readily expose their emotions. This leads to laughter or tears—and both look amazing in wedding photos.