Bridal Party Bouquet Toss: Downtown Rooftop
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Bridal Party Bouquet Toss: Downtown Rooftop

The idea of bridesmaids tossing bouquets on this downtown rooftop may be very nervous.

I'm typically very risk averse. As a wedding photographer, that means that I don't encourage behavior that could cause damage to brides, grooms, couples, wedding party members, parents, families, or guests. I also discourage behavior that might cause damage to property—and that includes bridal bouquets.

When one of the bridesmaids should suggested that they throw their bouquets, I initially discouraged the idea mentioning that the bouquets could be damaged if anyone drop them or caught them the wrong way.

However, the bridal party thought it was a great idea and wanted to go ahead with it even though the plan was risky. Since I'd already expressed my concern and that's what the bride really wanted, I was happy to coordinate it and create the photograph you see here.