Bridal Portrait: Black Wedding Dress
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Bridal Portrait: Black Wedding Dress

When creating bridal portraits, I'm excited when I'm presented with unusual dresses. This black gown is a great example.

I'm also drawn to indoor and outdoor venue architectural elements. When I can combine both during a wedding and create powerful bridal portraits, that's a beautiful day.

This bridal photograph was inspired by an image created by my good Jerry Ghionis, one of the top wedding photographers in the world. Playing off his idea, I positioned the bride on the floor with the dress spread framing her head and torso. The use of the spiral staircase leads the eye in a circular pattern through the image down to the bride resting in the middle of the photograph. Please bring me more spiral staircases!

Award Winner

This image received a silver award in the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Print, Album & Filmmaking Competition in Las Vegas.