Bride Embraces Pregnant Maid of Honor
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Bride Embraces Pregnant Maid of Honor

For this backyard wedding, the bride's maid of honor and best friend was expecting her first child.

Before the event the bride told me that the maid of honor was concerned about how she would appear in photographs and that I should avoid photographing her in ways that would show that she was pregnant.

When I met the bridesmaid in person and realized how beautiful she looked as a soon-to-be mom, I was blown away and put that advice on the back burner.

After I took a traditional portrait of the bride and her best friend with her bouquet hiding most of the baby bump, I tried to think of a cool way to embrace her pregnancy and I came up with this idea.

The maid of honor has since had her daughter, but I'm certain that this photograph will remain precious to them both forever.

Whenever I take portraits on a wedding day I'm always looking for ways to show the personalities of my subjects. I hope that I've done so here, and I will continue to look for moments they can be transformed into something truly spectacular.