Bride Getting Ready: Makeup Mirror
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Bride Getting Ready: Makeup Mirror

Some couples aren't sure if they need photographs as they get ready for their wedding.

As the bride got ready at this hotel, I captured this moment as she saw her professional makeup in front of her own mirror for the first time.

I hope you can recognize her joy. Some things that I enjoy about this photograph—besides the bride's expression—include the turquoise of the bride's robe and the purple hair clip box. I also enjoy seeing the various styling products arrayed before her.

When I see that table, I think of how people viewing this photo the future might view those items. You'll often see old photographs featuring a woman's dressing table. That table looks very different today. I can only imagine that my photo will reveal something quite different from what's common in 40 or 50 years.

When I create photographs, I often try to think of them in their historical context and by doing so I believe that I help them retain their importance over time.