Bride & Groom: Baraat Elephant Portrait
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Bride & Groom: Baraat Elephant Portrait

Photographing Indian weddings in Houston is a difficult wedding photography assignment.

Indian weddings often involve multi-day coverage and this country club wedding was no different.

I only had a few minutes before the baraat to make this image before the bride was whisked away. For many Indian weddings, the schedule prevents this couples portrait from happening because the bride and groom are often doing something else when the elephant (or horse) isn't present.

The baraat is a groom's wedding procession where he travels to the wedding venue on an elephant, on a horse, or in a fancy car and is accompanied by his family members. The large procession of friends and family members includes celebration an singing. Music is typically provided by a mobile DJ. Both men and women participate in the procession.

This was the first Indian wedding at Bighorn Country Club featuring an elephant and it made quite a stir with all of the nearby residents who lined the streets to watch the procession.