Bridesmaid Texting Wedding Planner
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Bridesmaid Texting Wedding Planner

This photograph of bridesmaid Selena Mooney ("Missy Suicide") is a study in getting ready simplicity.

Selena is the co-founder of the SuicideGirls, a website that features pin-up photography and profiles of alternative female models who are known as the "Suicide Girls."

Selena was texting someone while standing in this alcove of the bride's getting ready suite above the garage. Although the confines of this location are quite tight, I got back as far as I could and framed this highly symmetrical photograph.

The color of her dress matching the color of her hair (or vice versa), combined with the bright red shoes make for a striking image. But the one detail that really makes it stand out for me is the power cord that goes out of frame to the right.

I can no longer remember where that cord leads. But doesn't that lend to the mystery of this image? Or does the court also speak to the electronics of the technology being used?

It's also an unexpected photograph from a wedding even though it's such a common occurrence to see this sort of thing happening all the time.

As wedding photographers, we tend to avoid photographing individuals using their phone or texting or doing all kinds of things that we consider common or that we might see as being disrespectful to the moment. But these things do happen on a wedding day, and it's our job to document them. In those rare instances when we are able to document them artistically, then we truly do succeed.

I remember that it was very hot in this attic area. I'm not sure if someone failed to turn on the air conditioning, or if it just wasn't available. It's funny how a single photograph, can remind someone of such a random circumstance from an important day.

That's one reason why we create and cherish photographs. They serve as visual reminders that allow viewers to go back in time and bring forth memories and emotions that might otherwise be lost forever.