Cake Table Reception Couple
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Cake Table Reception Couple

Couples often spend lots of money on their wedding cake, so it's important that this reception detail is photographed beautifully.

This collection of wedding cakes was positioned near the dance floor in the only space available for the cake table. Unfortunately, the background was not ideal and the lighting wasn't complementary.

Thinking quickly, I asked if the wedding planner could move the cake table. Similar requests are often met with resistance from coordinators, so I was pleasantly surprised when she said, "Sure. Where do you want it?"

When I suggested outside she and one of her assistants grabbed the table and moved it to an outdoor patio. Once that was done, I asked the couple to come over to new cake table location.

I spent three or four minutes taking portraits near the table and then asked them to do a few fun things. This was one of fun photos.