Classic Outdoor Bride & Groom Portrait
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Classic Outdoor Bride & Groom Portrait

I create traditional portraits of every bride, groom, and couple at every wedding.

I like to joke that this is the photograph that parents always want to see and will always hang on their walls after the wedding. And perhaps ironically, these photos are the ones most shared on social media when anniversaries roll around each year.

I'd like to think that my traditional wedding photographs do more than show a newly married couple in their wedding day finery. Instead, I like to think that both their personalities and their joy come through in the image.

This summer wedding was held at the bride's grandparents home. They live in an area with some pretty amazing neighbors with many gated. With a bit of sweet talking by us all, the guard opened the gate and let us step inside for just a few minutes so we could capture a few images like these. We felt incredibly fortunate to have access to such a lovely background.