Family Photos: Groom's Grandmothers
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Family Photos: Groom's Grandmothers

Creating memorable photographs of family members is an important part of my wedding day photography.

This wedding-day photograph was created after the ceremony and features the groom's maternal grandmother and paternal grandmother.

When I create a photograph like this, I think about how my clients will view a photograph 10 years, 20 years, or even 30 years.

This is probably the only photograph that this groom has of his two grandmothers in a single capture. I would also make the leap and go as far as to say that this is the best photograph that he has of himself with his grandmothers. And for me, that's what makes this image so incredibly special.

I created this photo during the time we had set aside for family portraits. As part of my process, I always work with couples and help them develop a detailed list of photographs that we should capture during family portrait time.

When time permits and when I'm able to discern the unique family dynamic that is part of all weddings, I'll often create impromptu groupings like the one you see here.

I first captured a traditional portrait of the groom and his two grandmothers. Then I asked him to step back, and for the two grandmothers to lean forward and look at each other. Then I asked them to move even closer. I finally asked the groom to look at one of his grandmothers.

As an being this close to someone can make some people feel unnatural (at least initially), that can help evoke laughter like you see here. And that was my intent.