Father of Bride Pops Champagne Cork
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Father of Bride Pops Champagne Cork

I titled this photo "Popping Papa." It's one of my favorites because I caught the cork mid-air with a single camera click.

I captured this photograph in the bride's hotel room a downtown hotel. This photo is an excellent example of photojournalism. What you see here is a decisive moment where many things came together perfectly.

As a wedding photographer, part of our job is to anticipate moments before they happen. The difficulty level involved in capturing the cork mid flight perfectly positioned within the frame cannot overemphasized.

In addition to catching the cork mid flight, as it flies from the neck of the champagne bottle, I was lucky in the expression seen here by the bride's father. If you look closely at this image, you'll also see smoke rising from around the father's hands proving that this was a moment in time captured rather than one manufactured.

At the Wedding and Portrait Photographer International (WPPI) Print, Album & Filmmaking Competition, this image was awarded with a Silver Distinction Award in the Photojournalism category.

There is both story and emotion and for photojournalism, there's a decisive moment. Although the photo will elicit a chuckle for many viewers, and it might even be memorable, it's not a perfect image—and I'm always seeking that perfect image.