First Dance: Mirror Reflection
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First Dance: Mirror Reflection

This unique wedding reception first dance photograph illustrates my creative photojournalistic approach.

This downtown hotel wedding was celebrated by a gracious couple. This particular reception photo was technically difficult but highly rewarding.


The reception room set aside for the first dance was almost too small for the bride, groom, their family, and their friends. People were tightly packed and I was surrounded by a hundred guests,

After I captured the safe photo of the bride and groom dancing, I looked for something different.

As the newly married couple danced, I noticed that as they swirled across the dance floor they would sometimes appear in a mirror's reflection.

I realized that I could capture them both perfectly framed in that mirror, I might make a strong image.

Since wedding guests packed the room, the guests also appeared in the mirror's reflection. My solution was to move low near the floor so that the mirror reflected the ceiling more than the onlookers.

The photo you see here represents my best capture. Although the complexities of the framing preventing me from capturing the bride's face or upper torso, I'm satisfied with the effort.

Candid wedding moments like this one are unscripted and wedding photographers can only capture what's in front of them.

Photography Awards

This photograph has received several awards including a Fearless Award from Fearless Photographers and a Silver Award from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Print, Album & Filmmaking Competition.