First Look: Tree Arch Downtown
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First Look: Tree Arch Downtown

I've taken countless photographs under this tree, but I don't think I've ever created a better first look photograph in this location.

Unlike many weddings, I took this couple to an off-site location without their wedding party. We later returned to downtown wedding venue for their wedding party photographs.

Many folks will wonder if a first look is a believable or a real moment. I can attest that for this couple, this was as real as it gets. Moments after the groom turned around, the bride started crying. The following photos show her wiping her tears from her eyes.

Over the next two hours I spent photographing this bride, groom, and their wedding party, we took hundreds of photographs and the couple was never more than a few feet apart.

However, when the wedding ceremony began, even though the groom had spent that time before the ceremony with his bride, he began crying as she reached the end of the aisle.

It's ironic that the bride didn't cry, but instead laughed and grinned the entire time she walked down the aisle with her parents.

Just because a couple sees each other before their ceremony doesn't lessen the impact of that first look nor does it eliminate the emotions of walking down the aisle for the first time.