Groom Dips Bride: Graffiti Wall Portrait
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Groom Dips Bride: Graffiti Wall Portrait

For this quirky couple they wanted to be photographed in alleyways featuring graffiti art.

Although I will often photograph engagement sessions in alleys, I'm not often asked to work there as a wedding photographer.

This couple was photographed under a mural titled "Venice Beach Chorus Line" created by artist Rip Cronk. This art highlight multiethnic camaraderie and homogeneity. The mural is inspired by Cubist and Futurist elements in a way that captures some of the flavor of the area.

When I was creating this photograph, I was careful to position the bride and groom between the legs and under the foot of the antlered moose so as to help differentiate them from the busy background.

One thing I love about this photograph is that eventually this mural will disappear and then this photograph will become historical in context in that it will show an interesting piece of art history.