Groom's Grandmother Candid
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Groom's Grandmother Candid

This image of the bride's grandmother at a beach cottage captures a lovely moment as she looks out of the frame.

For my clients, this image is a sweet, candid portrait of someone they love. Four other viewers though, I'd like to believe that the viewer will want to know more of the story and wonder what the subject was looking at when I captured this frame.

I honestly can't remember where grandma was staring or what held her interest, but from the smile on her face I can only guess that she was admiring a friend or family member.

Although this photograph was taken at a cottage wedding, this picture could have been captured anywhere in the world. And even though the subject is against a blank wall, there is a story here.

In my photography, you'll often see subjects placed against a blank wall either intentionally or solely through my composition. I do this in the belief that although background adds contextual substance to a photograph and often serves to highlight the venue or location where the wedding or reception occurs.

Also, a subject and isolation can create greater impact and feels more honest in its treatment in that the viewer is prevented from ascribing greater import to an image based on locations, situations, or other supplemental information.