Huge Wedding Party
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Huge Wedding Party

This is the largest collection of bridesmaids, groomsmen, and bridesmen that I've ever photographed.

To save you the effort of counting faces, there are forty-six (46) men, women, and children in this incredibly huge wedding party.

I'm often asked why the bride and groom chose so many attendants for their wedding. I can only answer for the groom. In his case, his groomsmen included lifelong friends, high school friends, college friends, law school friends, work friends, and political friends.

The wedding guest count was around 200 people total so this was an extremely big wedding party considering the population present at this lovely garden event.

How It Happened

It took me about 10 minutes pose everyone. When creating a large group portrait, it's important to move far away to reduce wide angle lens distortion. In this case, there wasn't much room to work.

I was only able to move back about 25' where I stood, precariously perched on the seat of a folding chair supported by my additional photographer. I'm a little afraid of heights when standing on super-tall ladders or unstable platforms, so I'll admit I was concerned. However, it had to be done that way or the photograph wouldn't have been as good as the image you see here.


I captured about 15 photographs of this wedding party but I need two to complete this image. After I found the best photo of the group, I used Adobe Photoshop and took three sets of eyes from another photograph and pasted them onto the bridesmaids and groomsmen who blinked when I took the best image.