Military Wedding: Officer's Sword
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Military Wedding: Officer's Sword

Some grooms aren't quirky. Some grooms are quirky. And some grooms are superduper quirky. Guess which one we have here.

This photograph was a collaborative evolution that began as a candid moment that evolved into a directed story.

In the interest of decorum, I won't speak to the story subject, but I'll say that it speaks to the humor of the groom and one of his best friends.

This photograph also reinforces the fact that I consider myself irreverent. This photograph borders on cheesy, but not if you know the groom.

I created this image as the groom greeted arriving guests before his wedding ceremony. The groom's friend asked if he could pull out the sword and the groom replied, "Sure!"

The groom's friend seemed unsure of what to do so I "encouraged him" to proceed. Then, when the sword was partially removed from its scabbard, I directed the groom's friend to look like he was trying really hard, and the groom to look happily surprised. The result is what you see in this photograph.

Just in case you're curious, the Latin phrase "ecce panis angelorum" above the door translates to "behold the bread of Angels" and is occasionally inscribed near Catholic church altars.