NASA Wedding: Armstrong Space Suit
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NASA Wedding: Armstrong Space Suit

This photograph features a bride and groom (and me) reflected in the face shield of Neil Armstrong's spacesuit.

We worked very quickly as I only had a few minutes to capture a few photographs and this was one of them.

Years before, I had created a photograph of a couple in the spacesuit visor. But I was never satisfied with the result. When I returned to the NASA exhibit, I had a detailed plan as to how I was going to create a very special photo with the spacesuit.

When we arrived, the spacesuit was in a corner of the room and some of the surrounding signage prevented me from getting a clean photo of the suit and the couple.

Thinking quickly, I came up with the idea of having this quirky couple make faces in the reflection. But because of the position of the spacesuit, I couldn't take a photograph that featured the bridegroom alone. And so I had to include myself in photo. I hated breaking that third wall, but that was the only way that I can create this photograph