Quirky Groom's Grandparents
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Quirky Groom's Grandparents

Not everyone handles direction the same way. But after photographing the bride's grandparents all day long, they fell in love with me.

When I grabbed a few props from the Photo Booth table and suggested they put them on and perform a little act, they were totally agreeable.

Award Winner

This image Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) 16x20 Print, Album, and Filmmaking Annual Competition and received a Silver Award with a score of 81.

The photograph was entered in the Bridal Party / Family & Friends category. Based on secondhand information, some of the judges felt that the image was slightly disturbing. And although I can appreciate that perspective from someone without a sense of humor, other judges chimed in to point out that it was intentionally quirky—as was my intent.