Rabbi Prepares Ketubah
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Rabbi Prepares Ketubah

A traditional Jewish wedding ceremony includes a Ketubah signing.

When I'm photographing Jewish traditions that include a Ketubah signing, when thing that I'll do is look for the best place for that to happen. And far too many cases, when I left that to the discretion of others, people picked dark rooms that were cramped and photographically challenged.

I was fortunate for this wedding event to have some say as to the best location. The bridegroom wanted the ceremony in one of three upstairs bedrooms at this bed-and-breakfast venue.

I felt that this bedroom corner provided the most interesting background and the best light based on what was available.

When the Rabbi arrived, he took a seat to begin his paperwork and as I began to check my camera settings, I realized that the Rabbi was presenting a great story, even without the bride and groom presence.

With that in mind, I frame the image in such a way as to make sure that the Rabbi's head was more or less centered in a clean area of the wall and I snapped this candid photograph moments before the Ketubah signing.