Reception Ends: Sparkler Exit
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Reception Ends: Sparkler Exit

Sparkler exits are great fun and this sparkler exit at this outdoor estate wedding was no exception.

This anything but typical outdoor wedding ended with the bride and groom driving away in a huge vintage blue Cadillac. But before they left, the guests gave them a sparkler send off.

From a technical perspective and as a Houston wedding photographer, this was an extremely difficult capture.

I'd finished my required coverage and had packed up my gear before leaving. But when I saw what happening, I grabbed my cameras hoping that I wasn't too late.

The scene was pitch black before the sparklers were lit. it wasn't much better even when sparkler fire appeared. With the sparklers as the only light source, capturing this scene was very difficult.

Because this area of the estate property was so dark, my camera was struggling to focus even with the top-of-the-line Nikon camera at that time.

When creating a wedding exit photo like this one, many things must align—the sparkers count must be high, my physical position must be perfect, my camera's focus must be on the couple's faces, and finally the couple's expressions must be complementary. The only light that I used for this photo was the light from the sparklers themselves — no flash photography was used.