Reception First Dance: Groom's Parents
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Reception First Dance: Groom's Parents

This first dance photograph shares an emotional moment for groom's mother.

When I'm photographing receptions, my work is candid. This means that I take a photojournalistic approach and capture things as they happen without direct intervention.

For this first dance photo, the groom holds his bride close in the foreground. The groom's mother watches the scene with genuine love, adoration, and happiness. At the same time, the groom's father looks to his wife soaking up her enjoyment of the moment. Also notice the way the bride's hand is tenderly clutching the back of the groom's neck.

Photography Awards

This photograph was recognized at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Print, Album & Filmmaking Competition with a second place trophy in the Wedding Party / Family category.

This image didn't qualify for the Photojournalism category because I used Photoshop to remove the best man and maid of honor from the background and replaced them with greenery. I also removed several light poles, microphone stands, and other band equipment.

I removed those objects because they distracted from a story present in the scene, and also because my style of photography is best known as being free of clutter and visual noise.