Reception Garter Toss: Guest Catch
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Reception Garter Toss: Guest Catch

For this outdoor reception, timing was the main consideration during this garter toss.

After the celebration when I was designing the couple's wedding album, they both had a good chuckle about this image. Apparently the guy catching the garter after a mid air leap isn't very tall. But that didn't stop him from making this aggressive move and ending up with a garter.

When I'm photographing a bouquet toss or a garter toss my goal is to capture an image that includes the person throwing the item, the item in midair, and the person about to catch the item. That's an incredibly difficult task when you're also faced with all of the many things that can go wrong to prevent that kind of photograph from happening.

Sometimes the DJ can move things along too quickly while in other cases the throw for the item isn't very high or very far. Or sometimes the throw is very quick.

Even with those challenges, I'm proud to say that in most cases I will always capture the action of the throw, the fly, and the catch—although I can never provide a guarantee.