Reception: Photo Booth Fun Photojournalism
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Reception: Photo Booth Fun Photojournalism

Taking wedding selfies is common and this interrupted moment represents candid photojournalism.

These guests were standing in line, waiting to be photograph by one of my assistants at the Photo Booth. When I saw that this group was about to take a selfie, I thought it would be a good idea to capture that moment as well.

For some reason, my photographic opportunity distracted one of the guests. As everyone else participated in the photo, he gave me a "What in the hell are you doing?" look. And that's when I snapped this picture.

The contrast of the one guest's expression when compared to the expressions of his friends is what makes this image unique.

As I view this photo, I wonder why he was distracted. Perhaps he was looking at me waiting for direction for an "official photograph." Or maybe he thought I looked like a famous movie star and was surprised I was attending a wedding event. Regardless, he helped me create a memorable wedding photograph.