Short Bride & Tall Groom
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Short Bride & Tall Groom

As a Houston wedding photographer, I never hide or minimize height differences between married couples.

Sometimes the groom is taller the bride. Sometimes the bride is taller than the groom. And for some couples, one partner is taller than the other partner.

Couples are aware of their height differences. So rather than try to hide those characteristics, it’s much better to embrace the difference.

As you can tell, the height disparity between the bride and groom was extreme. With that in mind, I took great pains to celebrate their differences at this library wedding. I was able to use a blank wall outside the venue as my canvas.

Award-Winning Photo

This photograph has been recognized with a prestigious Fearless Award by Fearless Photographers—an organization that recognizes some of the world's best wedding photographers. I feel honored to have had this image selected for recognition by a jury of my peers.