Theme Wedding: Comic Book Superheroes
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Theme Wedding: Comic Book Superheroes

This gay wedding featured a Marvel and DC superhero theme.

My geek credentials are well-known, so it wasn't surprising that when this gay couple asked me if I'd photograph them in superhero costumes, I was 100% committed.

Spider-Man vs Batman

If you're not a comic book or superhero movie fan, I should start by explaining that Spiderman is a Marvel superhero universe and Batman is a DC superhero. In other words, the characters are owned by two separate companies.

Spidey and Bruce Wayne only appeared together once—in a crossover comic published 1995. At least that was the story until I photographed these guys at a downtown landmark.

Directed Action

As their wedding photographer, I could've asked them to wear the masks, stand against a nearby wall, and then capture a themed portrait. That would've been the easy way to meet their request.

Instead, I imagined what Spider-Man and Batman would do if they met and if they engaged their superpowers. To that end I taught the guys how to jump using secret techniques that look great on camera.

After just a few attempts, we ended up with this spectacular capture. Both grooms said that this photo was their favorite from their wedding day.


This photograph was awarded first place in the First Half of the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Online Competition.